About Us

The Mooneyhan Family Foundation was formed by the family of Dr. Jerry Mooneyhan in April 2001 to pay tribute to his life.

Dr. Mooneyhan was a dentist in Johnson City,  Tenn., where he was involved in a variety of community endeavors. He was also the inventor of an endodontics tool, a flexible root canal file made from nickel titanium.

After his untimely death to lung cancer in 1997, Dr. Mooneyhan’s family sought a way to remember and honor his life.

The Mooneyhan Family Foundation strives, ¬†through grantmaking, to carry on Dr. Mooneyhan’s vision of building on a community’s strengths to improve life for all.

The Foundation supports organizations that help people revitalize their communities, focusing on their strengths, while recognizing areas for improvement, by building relationships between local organizations and the community’s citizens.